Some people will tell you, if you are pregnant wait a little or hide it till you are 3 to 4 months. Don’t let people know. Start antenatal late so by the time people realize you have given birth. Hmmmmm…. what a risk you are taking

As much you want to wait in announcing your pregnancy do it with wisdom and caution! Assuming you do a home pregnancy test and it’s positive so you feel secured and think all is well. No, never!…… There are other conditions that can as well make it read positive. If it is in the fallopian tube it will still be positive. If you don’t report early it can rapture and become life threatening. That’s why you need an early scan to confirm pregnancy.

Taking an early scan will as well help to determine the expected date of delivery which is more reliable if taken early.

There are many other conditions that can make pregnancy tests positive, for example blighted ovum, molar pregnancy etc.

Reporting early for other investigations and starting your prenatal medications can as well prevent complications.

Once you miss your period report to the hospital or clinic and your doctor will request for an early scan to confirm pregnancy. Then you can start antenatal immediately.

Wondering what happened in the olden days without scan? …. Maternal mortality was higher. It’s better than it used to be. Let’s embrace new and modern ways of improving maternal health. No point waiting to get a ruptured ectopic when an early scan could have prevented that.

If you also took an emergency contraceptive and you missed your period or had scanty flow. Kindly report it for further investigations. A pregnancy test /scan will be done to rule out ectopic and other conditions

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