This week I have been thinking about this!

Did you know that a baby girl has all the eggs she will ever have during adulthood right from birth? It means during pregnancy we need to take good care of ourselves to prevent malformations and abnormalities. Eat right, take prescribed medication and avoid substances like alcohol, smoking etc.

As a child grows from childhood, through adulthood the reproductive organs continue to grow. It means we need to focus on our children’s nutrition as it contributes to their fertility later in life. They need nutritious meals containing vitamins, minerals and protein. Reduce intake of processed foods

During adolescent age girls and boys should be taught good personal hygiene to prevent infections. Some infections can affect the reproductive system and cause infertility

Prevent sexually transmitted infections by abstaining or using barriers methods of contraception.They can cause infertility!

Use a regular family planning method instead of abusing emergency contraceptives which may not be helpful to your body if taken very frequently!!!

Instead of frequent abortions, my sister! use family planning to prevent pregnancy! It’s complications are worse than taking contraception. Am pleading! “preserve your fertility”

If pregnant whether you want to keep it or not go to the clinic. Some ladies who are rhesus negative after an abortion may need to take some medication to prevent future problems like miscarriages. What if you did not take it? You are ready for children and the challenge now begins.

In case you have an infection treat promptly. It can cause problems to your reproductive system….

Keep yourself in the right weight, treat every condition you have be it diabetes, hypertension, fibroid, sickle cell etc with all seriousness. Seek medical care and go for preconception care. All this has to be well controlled for pregnancy to be possible.

Men also need the right nutrition, avoid abusing hard drugs to promote production of quality sperm

There are times when fertility problems can be hormonal or something else which can be treated by a gynecologist /doctor. Talk to one now!

In conclusion my advice is don’t waste your youthful days. Enjoy but take care of your fertility! Preserve it! You will need it one day! Take responsible decisions.

IVF is available but expensive. Please preserve your fertility.!

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