I find myself telling new mums how easy it can be to keep your newborn healthy and strong. With these basic and inexpensive tips, your newborn will be strong and healthy……

🚼Keep the baby in a clean and well ventilated room. Baby’s easily get infections and it is necessary to clean the home before the baby arrives.

🚼Baby should sleep in mosquito net to prevent malaria.

🚼Exclusive breastfeeding is recommended. Breast Milk has all nutrients your baby requires. Breastfeeding is golden!!! Feed on demand. Breastfed babies do not easily get sick and are within the right weight.

🚼Baby should be protected from excessive cold and excessive heat. Keep the baby warm by dressing the baby in cotton cloths.Do not over dress the baby. The dressing should suit the weather.

🚼Wash hands before breastfeeding baby. Anyone who wants to touch a baby should wash hands and be in clean clothes before doing so.

🚼Reduce visitors and do not allow people who have cold or respiratory tract infections to hold the baby

🚼 If baby has any danger sign, seek medical care immediately example fever, diarrhea, jaundice, convulsions, vomiting, bleeding circumcision etc

🚼Take care of the cord as ordered by your midwife. If it bleeds report to the hospital as soon as possible

🚼Make sure your baby gets immunized against diseases as recommended

🚼Child Welfare clinic (weighing) is crucial as it will help to monitor the growth and well-being of your baby.

🚼Circumcise your male child at the hospital or within a sterile field. If there is bleeding circumcision visit the hospital immediately.
Ensure both mum and baby get enough rest.
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