🔴For most women this is a question we often ask ourselves and our health practitioners. Some time we wonder whether to depend on the scan or not…. How do we even get the due date?

🔴Let me make it simple for you

🔴Always keep records of your menstrual cycle. Record the first day of your menses monthly. The first day you see blood.

🔴Once you do this. It’s easier to calculate your due date. If you miss your period and pregnancy is confirmed,do this to get your due date

🔴Take the first day of your last menstrual period and add 280 days to it or 40 weeks and you get your expected date of delivery to it. It’s that simple

🔴Alternatively if you do not keep record of your menstrual cycle, you will need to depend on an early scan to determine your expected date of delivery. Early scan is the most reliable for determining your expected date of delivery.

🔴Lots of women get confused when they take a late scan and it gives a new date… Rest assured just use the first scan if it’s from a reliable source.

🔴Remember baby can be born two weeks before or two week after your due date. Meaning it can be between 38 to 42 weeks

🔴At 41 weeks if delivery hasn’t occurred you need close monitoring.

🔴Your pregnancy should not go beyond 42 weeks.

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